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At Balaji Industry, we take pride in being one of India’s premier manufacturers of high-quality overhead water tanks. With our commitment to excellence and unwavering dedication, we have established ourselves as a trusted name in the industry. Balaji Industry embarked on its journey in the year [insert year], with a vision to revolutionize the water storage solutions in India. Over the years, we have relentlessly pursued our mission to deliver reliable and innovative overhead water tanks to our esteemed customers.


At Balaji Industry, our vision is to be the foremost provider of superior overhead water tanks in India. We aspire to set new benchmarks in the industry through our commitment to innovation, exceptional quality, and customer satisfaction


Our mission at Balaji Industry is to manufacture and deliver high-quality overhead water tanks that meet the diverse needs of our customers across India. 

Overhead Water Tank

At Balaji Industry, we leverage cutting-edge machinery, including the standard rock and roll and shuttle machines, to boost our manufacturing process. These state-of-the-art machines not only streamline our production of overhead water storage tanks but also limit heat usage, thus decreasing our carbon footprint. In this way, we ensure heightened productivity and sustainability in our use of the rotational moulding method.

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10 Years Warranty

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Stronger Durable & Safer

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UV Stablized


100 %food Grade Materials


Bacteria Resistant


Capacity Ranges From  300l to 5000l

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